Christine Sielcken lives and works as a sculptor in Pietrasanta, Italy.Mostly she works by hand, not using pneumatic tools, as she believes that by working slowly in this way the dialoge with the stone is more intensely felt, the forms are more sensitive and contact with the stone is more intimate.

Important to Christine's work is movement, balance, the way the forms meet and the lightness she projects into her work.

Christine started out as a figurative artist and progressively her work has become more abstract, Her interest lies with the bigger forms, without too much detail add her detait, infact grow from the way she works. It is important to her the forms move out into space and form a strong sign in space.



Christine Sielcken

1954 Geboren te Zeist
1975 - 1980 Kunstakademie St. Joost, Breda, Nederland
1978 - 1980 Gewoond en gewerkt in Pietrasanta, Italie
1978 - 1980 Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, Nederland
sinds    1986 Gevestigd in Pietrasanta, Italie
2004 portretten (ritratti) naar opdracht
2005 ritratti in commissione


Exposities o.a.

1986 Salon des Arts, Parijs
1987 Portretten Kabinet, Amsterdam, Nederland
Opere Prime Sculture da Conoscere, Padova, Italie
L'Arte al Femminile, Pietrasanta
1988 Museo de Bozzetti, Pietrasanta
Rosa Spierhuis, Laren, Nederland (solo)
Laboratori d'Arte alla "Versiliana", Italie
Bottega d'Arte-12 Scultori-, Voghera, Italie
1989 Kunstzaal "De hoge Hees", Eersel, Nederland (solo)
Mostra Intern. Della Piccola Scultura, Castellanza, Italie
1990 Scultura al Femminile, Lido di Camaiore, Italie
Scultura MC XXXIX, La Scsubbia, Lido di Camaiore, Italie
1991 Kunstzaal "De Hoge Hees", Eersel, Nederland (solo)
Galerie Ina Broerse, Laren, Nederland
Mostra Intern. Della Piccola Scultura, Legnano, Italie
1992 Galerie Imago, Amsterdam, Nederland (solo)
1992/94 Bienale Intern. Della Piccola Scultura, Legnano, Italie
Premio intern. Di Scultura Gioia Lazzerini, Pietrasanta, Italie
Aux Portes De l'Arte, Moret-Sur Loing, Frankrijk
Salon D'Arte Plastiques, Dreux, Frankrijk
1995 Museo dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta, Italie
34 Sculpteurs Europeens, Bussieres, Frankrijk 
1996 Festival Lunese, Carrara, Italie
Rassegna Estiva di Scultura e Spettacolo, Italie
Grands et Jeunes d'aujourdhui, Salon 1996, Parijs, Frankrijk
1997 Kunstzaal ''De Hoge Hees'' , Eersel, Nederland (solo)
Grands et jeunes d'aujourdhui, Salon 1997, Parijs, Frankrijk
Galerie Imago, Amsterdam, Nederland (solo)
„Itineaire 97 - Art Contemporain"
98 Artistes dont 22 quebe cois dans les Salon d'honneur de ville Franc
De Medici Beeldende Kunst, Putten, Nederland
1999 Galerie „De Beerenburght", Eck en Wiel, Beelden 1999, Nederland
Salon d'automn, Parijs, Frankrijk
De Hazelaar, Soest, Nederland
2000 Rosa Spierhuis, Laren, Nederland (solo)
2001 Galerie Imago, Amsterdam, Nederland (solo)
Galerie „De Beerenburght", Eck en Wiel, zomerexpositie, Nederland
2002 InterArt, Beeldentuin, Heeswijk, Nederland
2002    ASART, Pietrasanta, Italie
2002       Artisti in cantina, fondazione Arkad, Pietrasanta, Italie
2003 Fondazione ARKAD, Pietrasanta, Italie imbarco per Taiwan
Hualien ,International Stone Sculpture Festival, Taiwan, China
2004 University of Leicester, U.K. ,Sculpture in the Garden
Commissioni per fare ritratti piccolo formato in terracotta e bronzo
2005 Commissioni per fare  ritratti piccolo formato in terracotta e bronzo    
Pietrasanta - Estate   ' I segni e le forme '
Fabiano in arte
Grasce&asart '05
2006 DeMedici Beeldende Kunst,  Nijmegen, Nederland (solo)
2007 Portretopdracht Charlotte
2008 Portretopdracht prof.dr. Bert W. Meyer, direkteur NIKI Firenze
2007 Portretopdracht Charlotte
2008 Portretopdracht prof.dr. Bert W. Meyer, direkteur NIKI Firenze
2009 Portretopdracht Peter
2010 Movimenti in Equilibrio - Scuderie Granducali - Seravezza (LU)
2011 Het Nederlands portretschap 20 anni, loods 6 Amsterdam
  Pietrasanta - Amsterdam, Galerie quintessens Utrecht
2012 Biblioteca comunale di Viareggio (solo)